The last few days have been definitely fall days. Fall is the favorite of my seasons. I like the season changes generally, but summer to fall is something I look forward to year after year. There’s the nip in the air that implies the end of an Indian summer, if we have one. The September Harvest Moon usually comes up bright and appears bigger than most. But mostly it’s the color that I enjoy.

We took an early ride up our mountains to see what was happening the other day. When we went, only the trees above 10,000 feet were deep yellow. The next day the local paper carried a photo of the spot.

I’ve been watching the mountainside and the small patches high up became patches else where in the mountains. It’s been 10 days now and the color must be alive up there from what we can tell from here. Time for another run, I’d say.

I try to keep on eye on and appreciate God’s wonders. He is an awesome God after all.