I buy the Farmer’s Almanac every year. I bought mine early this year just because I was in the book store and saw it on the shelf and thought I’d get it sooner rather than later. The almanac tells you when the tide rises in Boston; but more that that, it gives you the sunrise, moon rise and where among the stars in the night sky the planets are to be found.

The opening article is always the same. It has a chart of the earth going round the sun and it explains the seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. When we’re farthest away from the sun in our planetary trek through the universe, we’re experiencing winter. The northern hemisphere leans towards the sun, so in the summer we get the warmth despite the distance. When we’re closest to the sun but leaning out, we get the cold of winter.

Experienced marriage and family counselors can tell you within 5 minutes of an interview which couples are going to create a lasting relationship. The couples that demean each other won’t make it-the ones that roll their eyes at each other’s remarks. The ones that respect each other, spend time being close to each other, and want to solve the problems are the ones that will succeed.

It’s a matter of inclination. If you lean into the relationship, you’ll get it, like the warmth of the sun. Create some distance, lean away, even in a marriage, and it will get cold.

Our relationship with the Lord is that way. Lean into it.