Nicolas came home today. Nicolas is our newborn grandson, born a few days ago. Mother and son are doing fine.

Nicolas’ birth comes on the heels of my Aunts Kate’s passing. Dear Tia Kate live a long good life. She was a wonderful Christian woman who died a while ago at age 90.

What you come to realize is that life is a continuum.

Birth to life – life to death. We’re all on that continuum some where.

But you know, being a Christian stretches that continuum. The Psalmist had that insight when he wrote, “you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” The Lord knew us before we were born.

Then there is Christ’s promise; “this day you will know me in paradise,” He told the thief on the cross. And by extension, we will be with Him, too.

As Christians, we go from before birth, then to death, then way into eternity.

To prove the capability of that promise, the Promised Man (read Messiah) came back from death to prove it.

It seems to us that to live a good life, you need the whole spectrum.

From us to you then this Easter season – live a good life.

Happy Easter