The Rio Grande is not as high nor as demanding compared to the year’s spring run off. The rush of a spring run off is ice cold as the result of the snow melt. We are two months beyond that in August. We found the river to be not yet clear from our recent rains and relatively tepid and graceful for our “big river.”

We took our youngest one rafting. Still the rapids have their demands. You can find yourself between a rock and the rushing water, leaving you tossed in the waters, headed down stream sans paddle and against any will.

The river is beautiful – cascading down the valley between two majestic and very different mountainsides, looming and occasionally crashing boulders into the waters below.

The river has a rhythm and a will that is undeniable. We were in awe of the majesty of God’s creation as we floated, fought and enjoyed.

What impressed me most was that, faced with making our way, we needed to work in unison, cooperate and listen – paddle to the right of the boat, to one side to avoid capsizing, reverse to gain the advantage of the course of the river.

Everyone got it. We were in this together. The river was still the giver of thrust, direction and capable of loss. Our cooperation resulted in a oneness with the waters and amongst ourselves. It occurs, then, that the church today is negotiating treacherous water, that our being in unison in Christ as Lord is His will. Otherwise who are we?

Later we swam in a place of less turbulence. We ate and ended the day with muddy clothes waiting to be laundered and the memories. So glad we went. So glad together.

…that they may be one, even as we are one. John 17:11