Rains have come to the deserts of northern New Mexico. Some of the trees we were sure were dead are sprouting some green after years of drought. Any time you add water to a desert, something will always come up. Wild flowers have sprung up and the desert blooms are everywhere.

My brother-in-law drove in from Texas. He noted the abundance of sunflowers. He wondered if they had been sown but, we told him that they just came up after the rains. They are a marvel to see along the roadsides and in the fields. There are so many of them.

Jesus used cultivation and nature’s growth as examples. “I am vine,” he said, “You are the branches.” He talked about mustard seeds, the harvest, lilies of the field and being able to predict the rain.

We’re aware that something spiritual is growing here. We believe a revival of spiritual thought has begun. Like the latent seed in the ground, a sprouting and thriving of Christianity is on its way. Like sunflowers after a desert rain.