We woke to quietly falling snow this morning, and the back yard was covered with snow. Overnight we’ve gone from the familiar – lawn chairs, tool shed, and somewhere underneath there, a snaking garden hose – to an unbelievably beautiful blanket of white snow.

What was once the summer’s green lawn is now another place entirely. Trees are not just bare of their leaves, but they’re covered in white. The pine trees have little puffs on them, like small clouds suspended by tiny forests – a special sight.

I got to thinking about how we respond to the superficial. If it looks good – it is good. That’s Hollywood’s stock-in-trade. And it sells.

The way the Bible says it is that man sees the outward appearance but God sees the heart. The snow is incredibly beautiful, but I know that underneath there’s a garden out there.

God know about me in the same way that I know about what’s beneath the snow. The Psalmist wrote that God knew me as I was knit in my mother’s womb. Not everything I’ve I have done since has been perfectly wonderful, you understand. But when we turn to Him, God forgives and forgets and sees us differently, absent those things beneath the snow.

Merry Christmas.