It felt like the beginning of spring the other day morning. The frozen ground gave way under foot to spongy feel following a warm day we had. The air was fresh and light when I was out at sunrise. We’re not through with winter by a long shot but the harbinger was undeniable. That life would return to the surrounding hills felt good and inevitable.

My family has had a long winter. Family and friends have stopped by to see my father, who has been ill this winter. The outpouring of support has helped us tremendously. We’ve been very very blessed, each of us, as a family and individually over the years.

It’s been years since we’ve had to face the passing of someone close to us. It’s a scary thought in some ways. A friend of mine remarked a while back that with both my parents living, I still share in an aspect of my infancy.

The cold stillness of winter is like a death – and spring is its rebirth. As Christians we know about rebirthing both here and an eternal spring with Jesus – a final spring there. We will one day find that with our Lord.

In the meantime, there is a new spring coming that we can anticipate – right here on earth.