There is a family tradition in our home called “the complete gift.” It’s a simple idea. It’s adding the extra that allows the recipient to immediately enjoy the gift because everything that’s needed is there. It’s complete. It’s adding the batteries to the “batteries not included” gift, or adding the pen to a gift of notepaper.

There is another tradition in our home. It’s more event-driven. It’s our way of making each other aware of one of God’s wonders. “Rainbow alert,” someone will call out when there’s a rainbow in the sky. “Vista alert” will have us expectantly peering out the van window for the panorama. “Evening sky alert” will bring us all out to watch the evening sunset.

None of these would be enjoyed without God’s “Complete Gift.” By his grace we’re given eyes that we can see. We are able to differentiate colors, shapes and distances with our precious ability to see.

But what makes it a complete gift is the addition: it’s the grace of an aesthetic sense. We are able to appreciate that the combination of colors makes the sky beautiful. With an aesthetic sense, God’s creation comes alive. It’s the ultimately “we get it.”

What we call beauty is actually His grace – His complete gift.

From our end, the complete gift is not just our awe, but our gratitude, our thanksgiving.
Thank you God…

“… and God saw that it was good.” Gen. 1:10