UPDATE Day 18, February 2, 2022

New Mexico State Legislature:

Major corporations in the US such as Disney Corporation and Home Depot have adopted a “woke” philosophy, adopting the gay agenda and promoting racial division.  These companies are betting on one thing, that the coming generations will have embraced that stance.  The reason they can be thus assured is because our schools are indoctrinating our children in the woke agenda.

The one thing that could immediately change the landscape is “School Choice.”  If parents were given a voucher to place their children where they wanted, the hold on our children would end.

Unfortunately, the Teacher’s Union, the National Education Association, has enormous power and political influence to allow such a change. 

The school choice bill was debated and tabled in the Senate Education Committee yesterday.

Another question brought before the legislators is “Should a landlord be able to charge what they want or should the State set limits on that amount.”

Rent Control was debated in the Senate Health and Public Affairs committee.  The committee rejected the idea, say it would stifle construction in the state. Please pray for a change of course in ou