We’ve been reading about wagons on the Santa Fe Trail. The Santa Fe Trail ran from Missouri to Santa Fe with goods that turned an enormous profit for the adventuresome souls willing to drive a six mule or six oxen team into the hazardous Southwest.

The big, ideal wagons that came to symbolize the Trail were produced in Pittsburg and were called the Conestogas. That was curious but it turns out that Pittsburg was at the vortex of all the needed resources to build the Conestoga. Coal, timber, cloth, iron and craftsmen were all to be found in the area.

Good things happen when you’re at the vortex. Goods come together to make a very special item not known before.

The same principle applies to Christians. When you’re at the vortex – the vortx of Jesus, wonderful things start to happen.

It’s just a matter of getting there, being there, abiding there.
“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:17