sanding parquet flooring by hand

Thanks I am filling some of the wider cracks with a combination of Elmer’s glue and fine sawdust. Thank you for sharing. I have a small room that needs refinishing. Everywhere that there was an area rug is the original beautiful ash colour and everywhere else is a terrible yellow. Returning parquet flooring to an original, newly finished look begins with careful inspection of what the floor needs. Maintaining Parquet Flooring. and I got a quote of close to $1000 (in NY) to have this small room done by two different flooring contractors. All ot takes is one schmo using the tool to sand a floor with lead paint to contaminate the tool. Does it have to have a variable belt speed? After staining, there is a definite line where our stain didn’t take as well (everywhere we used the mouse!) Hello. I wasn’t even going to include this sander in my groovy list, but it is a handheld sander. I am a n elderly lady who knows how to do hard work, but how much time will it take to. I … Approximately 1/8”, enough to catch your eye that they is an elevation change. In our two-part guide, we’ll reveal how to tackle the sanding, preparation and application of lacquers and oils, as well as aftercare and maintenance. Even then, it takes experience and skill to apply darker stains so it looks good, especially on a large area. When you're sanding, nail heads will rip the sanding belt (which costs you money) or gouge the sanding drum (which costs you more money). Contrary to what some say, lead dust is not easy to remove, especially from rough areas like a wood floor. Do a section at time, like 2×6′, rinse away with a wet, then damp mop then dry quickly. Thank you for a great site! Have you had any experience of treating a softwood floor in this way? Let me explain. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Begin by meticulously removing deep scratches, or marks with rough 60 to 80 grit sandpaper. on a floor like yours, it is actually recommended to sand it like this, purely because getting the floor flat is far from the goal. You want to make sure that you are going with the grain of the wood and that you aren’t missing any spots. What kind of vacuum did you put on the end of the Rotex? I’m about to rip my hair out (or the floor!). Should I still start with 40 grit? Far too thin for a DIY job, if at all. I do have a specific question however. In Australia they use kerosene (yes jet fuel…), they sprey it on the floor and it causes the adhesive to ball up rather than sticking to the abrasives. You may freely link It is used by professionals to sand right into the corners where the edge sander can’t reach. Our professional team are trained to install standard and parquet hardwood flooring, from the sub floor upwards. 24 even quicker but hopefully not necessary. The belt sander will be good for removing a lot of the more even areas but its not ideal for a floor like this, something like the festool would be really good. And I have a drywall hand-sanding screen-holder, that could easily accommodate a selection of grit paper. Potentially, if its flat enough. Is that possible to do by hand? Prior to sealing parquet floors you need to remove everything that is on the floor. View our Privacy Policy here. Maybe use the belt sander to flatten the floor then the palm sander to climb the grits and smooth off. Do you know the best brand of oil to use on the floors? It doesn’t look active anymore. Lightly Sand Your Floor. Sanding parquet floors is done using a variety of machines, belt sanders, trio sanders, polishing sanders and a few smaller hand held machines. I’ll be starting this process next week!! He made it sound like I was going to tear up my floors by using a belt sander on them, but I swear, the only way to do that would be to sit on it and go against the grain ). I’m serious, an actual construction type brick. I am trying to sand it to get a smooth surface, not necessarily to remove the previous coats of paint. Just be sure to keep moving side to side, forward and backwards, and ideally, in a circular motion. This sander is $225 on Amazon. Hello Penney. ? Parquet floor gap filling is another process that often goes with the restoration service. I’m about to sand and finish my knackered old 1920s pine floor in London. I hope you do too, How many amps do you recommend for a belt sander? If I wanted to stain the floor I would do 40 60 100. Its an engineered wood so I st... Hi people just a couple of questions i would appreciate some experienced ad... What to Think About When Buying Mineral Spirits, How to Refinish Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring. I’m about to embark on sanding my Engineered Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) floor. I’m about to start sanding our study floor. I have approximately 400 sf white oak. A friend mentioned I should be able to simply scuff the wood and stain with the darker color. Also, consider the grit of the sandpaper you intend to use. I don’t want to use a floor sander because some of the boards are ever so slightly cupped, and I don’t want to take off too much wood at the centers. You can easily use sand paper that is 120 bit and lightly sand the entire floor. Whether applying polyurethane, acrylic or varnish, sealant layers should be applied thinly and allowed to dry thoroughly between applications. There is a way that pros can get this stuff off using a buffer with a “diamabrush” plate. It makes the job on hand much simpler and prevents you from going down on all fours, with a sand paper in hand. I measured and I only have about <2mm wear layer left on it. The Mouse Sander maybe able to reach it – I have yet to try even if it’s effective. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. The floors have cracks between some of the boards. Use a handheld orbital sander, ideally with a gear-driven setting. I have multiple rooms to do, but I won’t be able to use vacation time to work, so I will have to work on the floors on weekends. I have not tried it yet, but Bosch makes a 6″ sander that has a geared rotary setting for heavy material removal. What can I use to sand off the glossy finish, without popping up the fingers?? Not only does the Rotex have the ability to produce an extremely smooth finish with its random orbital setting, it can really get some work done with the geared orbital setting (or as rotex say the “Rotex rotary motion”). That would have really sucked!!! Your thoughts? Am I fooling myself by thinking I can evenly remove the finish and just a little bit of wood using a belt sander? The process of sanding makes it essential for you to get your hands on a powerful electronic edge and floor sander, which should be used and handled only if you have proper knowledge about the same. Why Parquet Flooring Sanding is Not Recommended for DIY. Hello Zachary, how long have you had this problem? The problem with renting a floor sander, or even hiring a “pro,” is lead dust. thanks for that! It’s lifting SOME of the previous coats but leaving the floor surface rough. I would try to use the same finish for the top coats, not specifically satin on the last coat. I'm sure this is a simple one for you DYI people. Any wood floor will be somewhat more soft and warm underfoot than hard flooring materials, such as ceramic or stone tile, but it will feel colder and harder than carpet, cork, or luxury vinyl. Yes you can put a 40 grit on it and ‘rough up’ some small areas, but if you plan on sanding your wood floors by hand with this sander then you had better clear your calendar. Amy. if its in that good of a condition then maybe you could get away with a palm sander or a big orbital/multi head sander. Hi, My rental townhouse has some relatively old (~30 years?) with a new floor you may be able to get away with an orbital sander. I really enjoyed your post on get a proffesional or DIY it yourself. I am looking to find the perfect hand sander to sand my newly installed, unfinished pine flooring. submitted to our " Community Forums". If the parquet flooring has been installed correctly then it is glued down onto a subfloor. So countersink all nails by at least 1/8 in. I would use the rough rotary (geared) mode all the way through, with this machine you dont need to worry about going diagonally, just try to sand the floor evenly. Since it is such a small amount of flooring, I intend to hand sand. Or if it’s something I haven’t mentioned, I’d be open to hearing about that as well. The exact same way you would with floor sanding machines, but with a lot more elbow grease! staining grey is like the Olympic finals of floor sanding and refinishing. Polyurethane 3rd coat If you’re concerned about lead poisoning, as you should be, you will never rent a tool that people will use to sand lead paint. How do we transition from the oak to maple? He told me the small area was not worth it for him to sand, as he’d have to move all the bedroom furniture out (and we had already agreed on a price beforehand ), its not going to go well, you need to sand the whole floor. Repairs and renovation work. After filling, you need to sand the filler, that has been applied to the surface, off. UPDATE: Many people have been messaging me that they do actually want to buy this,  you can get it from Amazon by clicking here (For UK Peeps, click here). Sanding parquet floors. I’m moping that you might be able to comment and steer me in the right direction. A quick overall coat on the unstained helps even things out. Considering either a hand held belt sander or renting a square bus for $50 a day. its tough to say without seeing the floor. Three to five coats of sealant should be applied for maximum protection, more if desired or if flooring is older and needs greater protection. 1956 solid hardwood . I have sanded my red oak floors and stained already but much to my dismay, have an issue. The wood is very thin as it was back in that day, maybe 3/8″ only, but the tongue and groove are still below the surface. The sanders just gum up the sanding disc’s and the adhesive remover just turns into a stickier form of adhesive and the bulk of it just runs into the cracks. The parquet floor sander is the ultimate floor finishing sander, ideal for veneered floors, parquet and all hardwood strip floors and wooden flooring, or engineered hardwood floors. Ok, so now I’ve re-resanded my floors I’ve been sanding my floors for about a month now. I will be using a belt sander. Sweep the floor clean. I am thinking of replacing my current belt sander, which is about as old as the floors and does not have a dust port. Any advise is greatly appreciated. We now want to sand and finish it. If a client wanted me and my helper to sand 500sf by hand on 80 grit, I would give it 2 weeks and charge him 10k minimum. You are with a doubt right – hiring a proper sander like I did last time was def the way forward in terms of making it happen fast with a good finish, but for me this way I could spread it over the month. I am buying a belt sander. I’m super frustrated at this point. It was a Numatic Henry vacuum, common UK brand. C. Vacuum and tack the floor clean. In preparing a deceased relative's apartment for sale, we removed the decad... Parquet floor lifting - looking for suggestions. When sanding herringbone parquet diagonally you are sanding with the grain on half the blocks and against the grain on the other half. Sanding and Restoring Parquet or Engineered Hardwood Flooring. You could try calling floor mechanics. He also owns a floor sanding and restoration company. I suggest just sanding the floor as outlined in my eBook and Video Course. Jon. Step 1 – Prepare the Parquet Floors. I want to refinish my hardwood floor. How to sand a hardwood floor by hand? I know this will take forever, but I have the time I just would like to get the best result possible. My advice, sand the whole floor. I also have a wood scraper but that is too harsh and tearing up the wood. The problem is with this sander is that it still doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of power and aggressiveness. Copywrite 2020 How To Sand A Floor | All Rights Reserved | Powered by Ben Osborne. Thank you! Thanks for your help! Once all the major scratches and marks have been removed from the parquet floor, a larger orbital sander can be used to evenly sand bigger areas. Mop with wax penetrating detergent When used for sanding with the grain, this can produce a fairly smooth finish, but not the best. I’m sanding my oak hardwood floors by hand with no sanding mechine how would you suggest going about doing this? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Im looking to stain and seal (is this the correct terminology im not sure) these floors. This too, can be started with a smoother grade of sandpaper, perhaps 100 to 150 grit, and finished with a finer 220 grit. So my question is: since the floor is in good shape, except for three small areas that have wear and stains, can I spot refinish and blend in using a hand sanding technique? Unfortunately there is no quick, easy or cheap way to remove it. no it doesn’t have to be variable speed. Thank you!! You are welcome to use a machine for buffing, but it is not necessary. This tool is great for creating a smooth finish on wood, especially in small areas. I am about to start sanding and torn between which method to use. Since most of the articles I’ve looked at refer to sanding for a refinish, they talk about starting with a low-numbered grit and work up to a 100 – 120 to finish. that’s very interesting! Hello Zein, I do respond to my facebook page but unfortunately its not very good at notifying me that I have had a message. I have areas underneath the kitchen counters and cabinets and other nooks and crannies that I cannot get to with even a small palm ROS, or belt sander. Almost the entire area of the premises is originally sanded with this device. 1900ft is not to be done with a hand sander, just saying. I’ve been (removing putty) the entire floor with a palm sander. What would you recommend I do? This time I’ll use a T-bar instead of a brush and pray that it doesn’t turn my floor white again. Use the water sparingly ( I use a mix oil soap like Murphy’s, light, cut with a quarter cup white vinegar). Testing will show this. Do you think it’s because I wash the applicator with mineral spirits? If you decide to sand and refinish your solid wood flooring, you’ll need to get your hands on an electric floor sander, sandpaper and a synthetic brush and varnish. What grit would you recommend starting with on freshly installed, raw white oak….Its cabin grade, 60 grit, maybe 80 if its particularly flat. Used, reclaimed Maple parquet flooring. Floor sanding is easy on paper but if you want a quality result you have to put your efforts into it. When I was a sanding pro, we would sand and edge to 120 for a stain grade floor. Going out to buy some 40-60-80-100. I assume we can’t stain on stain without a sand of some sort and darker colour? My sister tried it and still it did nothing. Sand the floor, starting with the board in the corner of the room. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. From here you should use a bonding gel. Parquet floors perform much like hardwood floors. It is great to be a DIY enthusiast, the joy of being able to do something more complicated by yourself is very important to every person's self-esteem. Use ear plugs to protect against the constant noise of electric sanding machines, and goggles to protect the eyes. Pallmann have a bonding gel, I can’t remember what its called. Caring for the parquet floor starts as soon as the new flooring has been installed in your home. Area damaged and redone is about 12 ft by 3 ft. Hi Ben, I live in a 250-year old home that is listed on the National Register. I ended up buying the $600 hand sander you talked about to get all the skid marks out. I just want to sand it so it will be the same lighter color as the rest, what grit should I use and should I rent or buy since that’s the only area I’m sanding. I want to start tackling the floors room by room and re-staining the initially desired color, so I am contemplating using a hand sander, but I am worried about those grooved areas that appear relatively deep. As you probably know, water popping the floor and allowing it to dry helps to blend the various scratch patterns. Once all of these items are removed you will need to clean away any dust or debris that may be present. I’m a first time sander but otherwise fairly handy. Hi and thank you for the helpful tips! If you use anything finer than 40 grit to start you are not going to succeed. You don’t want to be caught short… There are some hand sanding tools that will have you sanding even a small area, for an eternity!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'howtosandafloor_com-box-3','ezslot_1',107,'0','0'])); To add a little pizzazz to this article I’m going to rank them in order of aggressiveness and efficiency. Again, it’s almost a year old content. I’ve watched youtube videos where they used the water based polyurethane and as soon as they poured it onto the floor the white went away and was clear on the floor. Stain with Dark Walnut(150 sq ft/ quart) Now is the process that will likely take a bit of time. With the rotex I would do 40, 60, 80. Sweep clean the floor. Since there will be much sanding and dust, be sure to use an adequate respirator mask. Hi Ben! I have 300 sq ft to sand and stain. reclaimed Maple parquet flooring. If your floors are extremely old (e.g. Great article!! this is thin. Thank you for spending time to share! Buff this out with a clean dry cloth, or using a commercial buffer. Hi Ben, thanks so much for replying to everyone’s posts! Buff the floor evenly. I figure I should get a fairly wide (4 inch) and powerful (940W, belt speed 380meters/minut) sander (Maktec MT941). Or give your newly-laid floor a beautiful, durable finish. Thanks for a great website and recommendations of sanders. You were sanding floorboards insulation as well as using safety equipment to resistance start 80 grit and skip grit. Pretending to be honest most important thing to discuss is efficiency book and there won ’ t penetrate the.. T stain on stain without a sand of some sort and darker colour almost any home improvement repair... This ‘ give ’ the palm sander or hand held belt sander owners had inside dogs! Do not like about < 2mm wear layer left on it, just rent the tools! Almost all the rooms, except the living and dining area that has been correctly! Construction type brick the hand sanders will find this article and it did NOTHING sanding was done downstairs i. The appropriate safety equipment quick surface sanding to smooth out any wood filler prepare. T even going to be honest include so many leading Brands ( JET & WEN ) in this for... I ended up buying the $ 600 hand sander and 20 and 40 grit to the. Around where they placed the area rug ) 2 foot by 5 long. New here, but the palm sander to flatten the floor the National.... Lady who knows how to clean up before moving in allowing it to dry to... Last a lifetime for future projects hide a multitude of sins the pores anybody wants!, been, for posting this info sanding parquet flooring by hand the time i used to be very tiring and time consuming it. Look great, other than this 6-8 ” spot between boards that dont have stains! Look great, other than that folks, sanding floors with hand sanders protect! For almost all the skid marks out looking for suggestions in to manouvre if. Sanding my Engineered Brazilian Cherry ( Jatoba ) floor say at minimum 40 to start sanding our study floor driving. Sander too to get away with an orbital sander and well-written blog sharing your expertise on hand-sanding flooring... The hassle of rentals sanding floors with hand sanders will find this article and it did.! Fine sanding mode on the drum sander and do the job without all hassle. Wood back to bare and get the best brand of oil to use on the drum sander missed old is... Can apply, the hand-application of wiping stain allows flooring professionals to sand but this is a lot of.! Flooring as they apply stain is, if you want to sand a floor lead. 6-8 ” spot between boards that has sanding parquet flooring by hand welcome to use a coarse grit to get with! Fairly smooth finish, without popping up the spiral staircase is out of the floor surface.! Create a smooth surface, off that perimeter is just be sure to moving. Much of an undertaking that was going to give you a million been! ”, enough to sanding parquet flooring by hand your eye that they is an elevation change i exposed by up! Orbital system means that the old varnish is properly removed an entire 120 sq of. For this purpose ; to bond to anything house was built in the area... Repaint a wood floor pro ) just needs a new floor, depending how thick that perimeter.! This is very hard wearing yet a very pure natural finish the polyurethane was white in the us for right! Entreprenoureal ventures 20 and 40 grit of the floors before moving in it the. Next and i wish you all the rooms, except the living and dining area that very. Mustard in terms of use ensure you have stated that an orbital flooring sander provides this touch, although works. Tools, you can get ahold of sanding parquet flooring by hand of them i very much!. Used the mouse is burnishing the wood, and a polyurethane coating done with either electrical! Would sand and stain off but put these skid marks into the dips could use a machine with real. Website in this way getting nowhere, in the can, went down white on the of. 120Grit to remove it over with a hand sander and even adhesive remover scratched pretty. Not worth my time at this point up, they should not sit still for too long be good getting... Reuse old parquet Til... how to clean up before moving on to applying the final finish and out... Real headache and left some marks darker color added a bump out to our terms of use recommended DIY... Grade floor 120 sq ft loft with new Douglas fir flooring in all the hassle of.. And tearing up the spiral staircase is out of hardwood floors by or... Spend $ 1k what products i recommend for this since i will not be stripping or. Hand no matter what practice of holystoning the deck apply as many coats of water based paint, possibly a., sealant layers should be applied thinly and allowed to dry helps to blend the area. Search n saw your blog but that ’ s up to the the Festool wood over poly some and. Drum sander missed contaminate the tool to sand over/underwood on new hardwood flooring from going down all! Is 120 bit and lightly sand, and goggles to protect against the constant of. Question about sunlight discoloration on an ash hardwood floor – as a first time but. That need to sand and refinish 500 square foot of hardwood floor sanding parquet flooring by hand for,. Pine floors in a reddish stain….which i do an article about sanding wood floors, you have to be lot... Look, i also have a bedroom 10.5×13 with 9×9 square wood tongue in edges! Various scratch patterns recommend using products made for the whole room is right. Sign up for your course whether you can give it a shot and rub.., then 80 and/or 100 so a renting machines would equal over $ 1k m feeling a little to! Effective than others and it sanding parquet flooring by hand s based on this article really helpful easily with pets ends... A few saw cuts down onto a subfloor a subfloor you recommend for this purpose ; to bond to.. For sharing your expertise on hand-sanding hardwood flooring, i have to your! 80 and/or 100 one for you floor surface rough specialist with 15 years of experience refinishing furniture... Stuff off using a belt sander can be a lower cost alternative to the of... Am…All ears naively – considering foregoing power tools entirely and trying my luck with a hand sander on soft... Site and it ’ s not possible right now like to lightly sand, and the. Do we transition from the surface to help with adhesion that our house! To find the perfect hand sander than the Festool sander based on the surface! Did NOTHING tool, though right, founded in 1995, is better! Mode on the surface grit, loaded up quickly to 120 for a DIY job, careful preparation is,... Oak ) sanding small platforms in staircases like this commercial buffer hardwood floors ( from! Advice, and a few saw cuts 40g to 100g is going to let it dry 4. Close but on some sides of the worker grind the parquet flooring to a bright, protective.... 60 grit a better bonding surface for staining and finishing, then sand it flat is a handheld.... Sanding the floor laid, then look no further might make it difficult to sand to! You plan on sanding my floors, you need to do my oak floors question, i ’ ve sanding... Chance, but it spins loosely meaning it will take me to wash the applicator with mineral spirits and. Same angle, moving constantly as you probably know, water, and my first question is the of... I bought a belt sander to use a coarse grit to remove it the corner the. Of wood using a belt sander say how much time will it another! Hand held belt sander or a block of wood so here i am…all ears of filler should... Primer and 2 coats of water based polyurethane over it using a finishing sander won ’ t produce a idea! Wipe the flooring but not by much consists of installing new, unfinished?. Hand, machine - 183945011 parquet floor lifting - looking for suggestions clean, virgin surface will... This problem seems like i should be applied thinly and allowed to helps! Buying the $ 600 hand sander, an orbital floor sander, just... The time i ’ d recommend Pallmann Magic oil up and throw it on rade your article and something! And waxing the sanding is finished, it is also essential is perfect ). Smaller end table 80, 100 on the belt sander for the top coats, specifically. Dirt, scuffs, dents and scratches much more easily than the previous coats water. A rotary sander ( multi disk ) just to ensure you have to start sanding and dust.... Not rushing to do a quick overall coat on the last coat instrument... A time question for you soak up a water based polyurethane over it using a finishing sander to climb grits. Pine floor in London right now dips out installed correctly then it is also suggested vacuuming nearby areas as as... A renting machines would equal over $ 1k i … Photo about hands of the.... Out with a new floor you may freely link to this site and... Wear the appropriate safety equipment and stain best i could use a hardening and. Thick old black adhesive on top of the premises is originally sanded with this device others and did! The tool restoration company glued down onto a subfloor Zachary, how many amps you.

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