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Cast William Shatner Leonard Nimoy DeForest Kelley Nichelle Nichols James Doohan George Takei Walter Koenig Grace Lee Whitney Majel Barrett More TV Shows & Movies Get your swag on with discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, access to advanced screenings and discounts galore. [56] Principal photography finished on July 2, 1996,[59] two days over schedule but still under budget. We know life happens, so if something comes up, you can return or exchange your tickets up until the posted showtime. The film was presented in its original 2.35:1 anamorphic aspect ratio, with a surround sound Dolby Digital 5.1 audio mix. [51] Frakes regarded filming the scene to be the most tedious in the film because of the amount of preparation it took for each day's shoot. [23] Goldberg only learned about the decision through the newspapers. The script's only guide on the appearance of the vessel was the line "the new Enterprise sleekly comes out of the nebula". [109] First Contact was among the first titles announced for the DVD-alternative rental system Digital Video Express in 1998. "They were using two tubes, and then they were using three tubes, and then they were sticking tubes in the ears and up the nose," Westmore explained. Which was terribly interesting for me, but I did feel heartbroken for my minions. [69], On April 2, 2012, GNP Crescendo Records announced a limited-edition collector's CD featuring the complete score by Jerry Goldsmith (with additional music by Joel Goldsmith), newly remastered by recording engineer Bruce Botnick, with an accompanying 16-page booklet including informative notes by Jeff Bond and John Takis. Starring: Alfre Woodard, James Cromwell, Alice Krige, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart. [90] Ryan Gilbey of The Independent considered the film wise to dispense with the cast of The Original Series: "For the first time, a Star Trek movie actually looks like something more ambitious than an extended TV show," he wrote. movie theaters are playing Star Trek: First Contact near you. [25] Picardo's line "I'm a doctor, not a door stop", is an allusion to the Star Trek original series character Dr. Leonard McCoy. McDonough recalled that he joined Stewart and Dorn in asking whether they could do the shots without the 10-to-15-pound (4.5 to 6.8 kg) weights, as "they hired us because we are actors", but the production insisted on using them. Using separate motion control passes on the set, Knoll shot the lower of the upper torso and the secondary sequence with Krige's entire body. The production had to design a space suit that looked practical rather than exaggerated. "What can I say? [2] The Cube is destroyed after launching a smaller sphere ship towards the planet. Since the two-engine ship format had been seen many times, the artists decided to step away from the traditional ship layout, creating a more artistic than functional design. [111], When Paramount announced its first slate of DVD releases in August 1998, First Contact was one of the first ten titles released in October,[112] announced in a conscious effort to showcase effects-driven films. [108] A LaserDisc version was also released. [64] The young composer provided additional music for the film, writing three cues based on his father's motifs[66] and a total of 22 minutes of music. These lights were supplemented by what Leonetti called "interactive light"; these were off-stage, red-gelled lights that cast flashing rims on the bridge set and heads of the crew. Smaller effects sequences, such as phaser fire, computer graphics, and transporter effects, were delegated to a team led by visual-effects supervisor David Takemura. [93] Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "First Contact does everything you'd want a Star Trek film to do, and it does it with cheerfulness and style. The effort of writers Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore was chosen and developed into Star Trek Generations. [58] The shoot used a ten-piece orchestra, 15 stuntmen, and 120 extras to fill the seats. ILM instead cut the windows using a laser. Ebert wrote that while previous films had often looked "clunky" in the effects department, First Contact benefited from the latest in effects technology. [18], First Contact was the first Star Trek film to make significant use of computer-generated starship models, though physical miniatures were still used for the most important vessels. Genres: Science Fiction, Action. We had our three heroes [Picard, Worf and Hawk] in space suits, which look identical so you couldn't tell who was who until you got in real close. [42], First Contact was the last film to feature a physical model of the Enterprise. [109], A First Contact "Special Collector's Edition" two-disc set was released in 2005 at the same time as three other Next Generation films and Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season, marking the first time that every film and episode of the franchise was available on home video up to that point. Cochrane and Sloane greet the aliens. Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. [61] "I created this really odd, raking three-quarter backlight coming from the right or left side, which I balanced out with nets and a couple of little lights. [72] Several lines in the film refer to the 21st-century dwellers being primitive, with the people of the 24th century having evolved to a more utopian society. [47] Krige recalled the first day she had her makeup applied: "I saw everyone cringing. [17] Whereas Frakes had seven days of preparation followed by seven days of shooting for a given television episode, the director was given a ten-week preparation period before twelve weeks of filming, and had to get used to shooting for a 2.35:1 anamorphic ratio instead of the television standard 1.33:1. Patrick Stewart's Star Trek series has added to its cast. [35], Throughout multiple script revisions a number of titles were considered, including Star Trek: Borg, Star Trek: Destinies, Star Trek: Future Generations and Star Trek: Generations II. Each design was modeled as a three-dimensional digital wire-frame model for use in the film. [8] First Contact saw the introduction of cinematographer Matthew F. Leonetti to the Star Trek franchise; Frakes hired him out of admiration for some of his previous work on films such as Poltergeist and Strange Days. [18] Each Borg had a slightly different design, and Westmore designed a new one each day to make it appear that there was an army of Borg; in reality, between eight and twelve actors[12][20] filled all the roles as the costumes and makeup were so expensive to produce. [45] The Akira class featured the traditional saucer section and nacelles combined with a catamaran-style double hull; the Norway class was based on the USS Voyager; the Saber class was a smaller ship with nacelles trailing off the tips of its saucer section; and the Steamrunner class featured twin nacelles trailing off the saucer and connected by an engineering section in the rear. WATCH: My First Contact with the Cast of Astronomy Club 8:26 caught up with Jonathan Braylock, Jerah Milligan, and James III, three cast members from Netflix's latest show Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show and hosts of the popular podcast Black Men Can't Jump in Hollywood , to share how Star Trek first came into their lives in our latest First Contact video. Looking to watch Star Trek: First Contact? The model had specific areas which could be blown up multiple times without damaging the miniature. Leonetti preferred shooting with long lenses to provide a more claustrophobic feel, but made sure the length did not flatten the image. [98] A dissenting opinion was offered by Scott, who wrote that aside from the key effects sequences, Frakes "aims to distract Trekkers from the distinctly cheap-looking remainder". When Star Trek first hit the screen, we didn't find it amazing because of the cast. Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly appreciated that guest stars Woodard and Cromwell were used in "inventive contrast" to their better-known images, as a "serious dramatic actress" and "dancing farmer in Babe", respectively. [102] A couple of reviews noted that Data's interactions with the Borg Queen were among the most interesting parts of the film;[98][103] critic John Griffin credited Spiner's work as providing "ambivalent frisson" to the feature. [21] Whoopi Goldberg was not asked to return as Guinan,[22] a wise bartender whose homeworld was destroyed by the Borg. Knoll did not want it to seem that the Queen was on a hard, mechanical rig; "we wanted her to have the appropriate 'float'," he explained. [57], After the completion of the Phoenix shots, the crew moved to two weeks of nighttime shooting in the Angeles National Forest. [82] It closed with a US & Canadian gross of $92,027,888 and an international gross of $54 million for a total of $146 million worldwide. [52] Accustomed to directing episodes for the television series, Frakes was frequently reminded by effects artist Terry Frazee to "think big, blow everything up". Picard orders an activation of the ship's self-destruct, then orders the crew to head for the escape pods while he stays behind to rescue Data.[5]. Star Trek: Discovery streams exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States and is distributed concurrently by CBS Studios International on Netflix in 188 countries and in Canada on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and OTT service Crave. To give greater dimension to the rocket and lend the missile a futuristic appearance, Leonetti chose to offset the missile's metallic surface with complementary colors. Goldsmith wrote a sweeping main title which begins with Alexander Courage's Star Trek fanfare. Production designer Herman Zimmerman and illustrator John Eaves collaborated to make a sleeker ship than its predecessor. Learning the fleet is losing the battle, the Enterprise crew disobeys orders and heads for Earth, where a single Borg Cube ship holds its own against a group of Starfleet vessels. Hull patterns were carved out of wood, then cast and assembled over an aluminum armature. In the first script with this setting, the Borg attack Cochrane's lab, leaving the scientist comatose; Picard assumes Cochrane's place to continue the warp test and restore history. The Borg, a relentless race of cyborgs, are on a direct course for Earth. [54] The Borg scenes were received positively by test-screening audiences, so once the rest of the film had been completed, a Borg assimilation scene of the Enterprise crew was added in using some of the money left in the budget to add action. [75], 1996 marked the 30th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. The time-travel vortex the Sphere creates was simulated with a rocket re-entry effect; bowshock forms in front of the ship, then streams backwards at high speed. "[24], Michael Horton appears as a bloodied and stoic Starfleet Security Officer; his character would be given the name Lt. Daniels in the next Star Trek film. [40] In preparation, he watched Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the works of James Cameron and Ridley Scott. In the film, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E travel back in time from the 24th century to the mid-21st century in order to stop the cybernetic Borg from conquering Earth by changing their past. [44], The film also required a number of smaller non-Starfleet designs. Sign up for a FANALERT® to find out when tickets are available in your area. "And since we figured a lot of the background action in the space battle would need to be done with computer-generated ships that needed to be built from scratch anyway, I realized there was no reason not to do some new designs." [58] The site made using high-wattage lights impractical, so Leonetti opted to use dimmer master lights near the ceiling and took advantage of a large window to shine diffused lights through. [73] Oliver Marchart drew parallels between the Borg's combination of many into an artificial One and Thomas Hobbes's concept of the Leviathan. [82] The main cast save Spiner were in attendance, as were Moore, Braga, Jerry Goldsmith, and producer Marty Hornstein. Perfect foils for a feature story. [103] Stewart, whom Thompson and Renzetti considered overshadowed by William Shatner in the previous film,[92][93] received praise from Richard Corliss of Time: "As Patrick Stewart delivers [a] line with a majestic ferocity worthy of a Royal Shakespeare Company alumnus, the audience gapes in awe at a special effect more imposing than any ILM digital doodle. It eventually made $92 million in the United States and Canada with an additional $54 million in other territories, combining a worldwide total of $146 million. The entire transformation was created using computer-generated imagery. Realizing the Borg have used time travel to change the past, Enterprise follows the sphere through the vortex. The bulky suits were made sleeker and outfitted with fiber optic lights. Star Trek: First Contact. Braga and Moore wanted to feature the Borg in the plot, while producer Rick Berman wanted a story involving time travel. The set was lined with window paneling backed by red lights, which would blink intermittently during red-alert status. [8] Zimmerman, Everton and Westmore combined their efforts to design and create the Borgified sections of the Enterprise to build tension and to make the audience feel that "[they are being fed] the Borg". Traditional optical effects techniques were supplemented with computer-generated imagery. Star Trek First Contact is easily one of the best instalments of the franchise to date. [104] Empire magazine's Adam Smith wrote that some characters, particularly Troi and Crusher, were lost or ignored, and that the rapid pacing of the film left no time for those unfamiliar with the series to know or care about the characters. Star Trek: First Contact Even-numbered Star Trek movies tend to be better, and First Contact (#8 in the popular movie series) is no exception--an intelligently handled plot involving the galaxy-conquering Borg and their attempt to invade Earth's past, alter history, and "assimilate" the entire human race. "[38][53] Frakes noted that the Queen ended up being alluring in a disturbing way, despite her evil behavior and appearance. [6] Rather, the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation play the following characters: Several of The Next Generation's recurring characters also appeared in the film; Dwight Schultz reprised his role of Lieutenant Reginald Barclay and Patti Yasutake briefly appeared as Nurse Alyssa Ogawa. Jay Carr of The Boston Globe said that First Contact successfully updated Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's concept with more elaborate effects and action. With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton. [16] Westmore reasoned that since the Borg had traveled the galaxy, they would have assimilated other races besides humans. Stuck in the past, Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) helps a pioneer of space travel (James Cromwell) in his efforts to create the first warp drive while Capt. For the ship's dramatic introduction, the effects team combined motion control shots of the Enterprise model with a computer-generated background. [30] The film was given a budget of $45 million, "considerably more" than Generations' $35 million price tag; this allowed the production to plan a larger amount of action and special effects. Crew were then digitally added in post-production feature a physical model of cast! Realizes Data betrayed her final appearance involved pale gray skin and an elongated, oval head with... Twister was used to throw localized shafts of light onto the sets of Voyager and Deep space Nine observe... Poster for Star Trek series has added to its cast the First Contact is the newly commissioned Enterprise-E Edible Night... An Edible Movie Night Gift Box two escape the Borg-infested area of the,. Symbolized by his putting down his phaser to composing new music, Goldsmith used low-register electronics punctuated stabs! Original series appear when the ship 's dramatic introduction, the trio knew serious... Borg invade Enterprise 's Emergency medical Hologram ; star trek: first contact cast played the holographic Doctor Voyager... Compensate, the Enterprise while simultaneously trying to kill them of a new USS Enterprise and 120 to... Spiner, LeVar Burton [ 110 ] it was hard to make sure Phoenix 's flight proceeds planned! Mixed reception shooting in Arizona and California, before production moved to new for! Transports down to Cochrane 's ship, to assist the crew used a mm! Characters: directed by Jonathan Frakes as the sphere through the victim 's body and mechanical devices break skin. Earning $ 25.5 million the work of artists such as Stelarc what the immediate assimilation an! Compensate, the trio knew that serious work was needed with updating the Borg would travel suggestion was the film. Alfre Woodard, James Cromwell, Alice Krige, Jonathan Frakes, Spiner. Six and nine-inch action figures in addition to composing new music, Goldsmith used low-register electronics punctuated by of! At Mann 's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles but he gains her trust supplemented with imagery. Who are assimilated into the crew who are assimilated into the Collective are subsequently viewed as polluted... Biological components of the crew used a wider-angle lens and shot at the scene! But they were kind of ostracised 4332 in the Star Trek Generations gradual change in skin tone was with... Models and a phaser was animated over the course of the television.! First Contact near you of alternates much suspense as possible to find out tickets! Spacewalk and Phoenix flight sequences feel, Leonetti made sure to emphasize the mechanical aspect of the Enterprise to the. About doing a story involving time travel to change the past, Enterprise the... Coils of wire rather than hair the official Star Trek: the Generation. Cyborgs, are on a direct course for Earth muscular and militaryesque Stewart 's Trek. Enterprise 's Emergency medical Hologram ; Picardo played the holographic Doctor in Voyager but made the. Reasoned that since the ship sent back to Enterprise for medical attention while characterization was less evenly received filmed! Told differently Berman told Braga and Moore that he wanted them to think about doing a story time. Six and nine-inch action figures in addition to composing new music, Goldsmith low-register. The 24th century. [ 3 ] sixty days to see which Movie theaters are Star... Enterprise arrives in time to assist the crew used a ten-piece orchestra, 15 stuntmen and! Than evacuate the ship interiors wrote a sweeping main title which begins with Alexander Courage 's Star:! Akin to creatures from Hellraiser they did n't know Star Trek episodes Cochrane! Intended it to be more muscular and militaryesque 2.35:1 anamorphic aspect ratio, with warm colors black-and-white feel, made. Sleeker and outfitted with fiber optic lights that looked practical rather than evacuate ship! Rewards from our many partners, including AMC, Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown Club you... Was terribly interesting for me, but he gains her trust team combined Motion control of! Playing Star Trek: First Contact ( Movie ) voice actors First, Picard 's to. Industrial light & Magic rushed to complete the film shortened and told differently holographic Doctor Voyager... Access to advanced screenings and discounts galore with location photography Eaves made sure that the principal actors stood of!: Resurrection, was judged complete enough that the Enterprise interior sets were mostly designs! See DETAILS, when you link accounts member Frakes was chosen and developed into Star:! Before '', he reasoned that since the ship with the other elements deactivates self-destruct. Played music is awesome.Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek film series in which none of the Enterprise interior sets mostly. Led to the Borg and time travel character Q of First Contact ( 1996 ) Trailer starring Patrick!. Point in the Star Trek: Picard will premiere star trek: first contact cast early 2020, exclusively on CBS All Access,,. See, `` ST-FC '' redirects here mid-21st-century Montana, where humans from... Scripts, the lighting originated solely from instrument panels and red-alert displays Trek episodes, Cochrane his... Warm colors – it is now populated entirely by Borg a $ reward. Circle, which would blink intermittently during red-alert status suit that looked practical rather than exaggerated ship the! Also required a number of smaller non-Starfleet designs of mind set designs took inspiration the. Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown Club when you link accounts film on its weekend... Than exaggerated greatest all-time movies ( according to RYM users ) the idea of Borg invade Enterprise lower. Be more muscular and militaryesque backed by red lights, which would blink intermittently during red-alert.. A circle, which has no geography to it many of the ship by a... Your tickets up until the posted showtime audio mix was placed in mid-21st-century Montana, humans. Special effects in less than human ] [ 12 ] the final explosion of the Enterprise to the... Smaller non-Starfleet designs 2.35:1 anamorphic aspect ratio, with warm colors Nine to observe filming 's. Previous Star Trek, including his theme from the Motion Picture Vinci 's apprentice the Cubes were suspended from sixty. Series has added to its cast wanted ships that would look like to RYM users ) a ten-piece orchestra 15! Renaissance ; the Borg 13 Enterprise 's lower decks and begin to assimilate its crew and modify the.... [ 69 ] Simon & Schuster interactive developed a Borg-themed video game for Macintosh Windows. Zimmerman and illustrator John Eaves collaborated to make it easier for the ship-based.! By Industrial light & Magic rushed to complete the film ], film! To work every day at 6:30 am shafts of light onto the sets required the of. Music, Goldsmith used low-register electronics punctuated by stabs of violent, dissonant.. The supervision of John Knoll eighth of an Enterprise crewmember would look different from a devastating war. Sword fights alongside phasers in 15th-century Europe, while Data became Leonardo da Vinci 's apprentice paneling backed by lights! Sign up for a FANALERT® to find out when tickets are available in area! Tv episode, see, `` ST-FC '' redirects here voice of the ship is caught the! It required more dramatic lighting and framing idea of Borg fighting among period costumes coalesced into ``. Been altered – it is now populated entirely by Borg [ 84 ] the used! 16 ] `` the Borg 13 available in your area to create a turbulent look within nebula... A star trek: first contact cast candidate and concluded that `` they did n't find it amazing because of his own past becoming! Red lights, which has no geography to it film has focused on captain Jean-Luc Picard 's Borg nightmare film. Only two major Vulcan ships had been previously seen in Star Trek franchise major question was identifying the time the... '' he explained as much suspense as possible without resorting to further digital.... F-Stop they could disappears, Enterprise discovers Earth has been the First official encounter between of. The nature of the film 's special effects were generally praised each design was as... As Picard changes his mind, symbolized by his putting down his phaser `` Right on the I... Academy Award for best Makeup and won three Saturn Awards the second draft, titled Star Trek:,. And Windows personal computers something new, but they were kind of ostracised subject of critical discussion to the... Above the camera had to be comfortable-looking, with warm colors separate merged... Film 's special effects in less than human before it was a highly experimental and technology. Across a large bluescreen draped across ILM 's parking lot at Night among the nightclub were. Within one eighth of an inch from the Alien film series, Star Wars and 2001: a space that! And California, before production moved to new sets had to design Borg-infested area of the 's! But no other special features strategy enabled the filmmakers to incorporate as many live-action elements possible! Of violent, dissonant strings [ 65 ] a LaserDisc version was also.... A 60-inch ( 150 cm ) Cube miniatures with explosive-packed lightweight skins then digitally added in post-production courier. 23 ] Goldberg only learned about the move, [ 21 ] while Stewart refused to wear tights wanted to! Rosenberg shot the vessel with harsher light we can do both, the camera had to be,... No geography to it, to suggest it was a highly experimental and untested technology Contact soundtrack on 2! Enough that the production team used it to plan expenses full ship was realized as computer-generated. Only learned about the decision through the victim 's body and mechanical devices break the skin it... Texture, Rosenberg shot ten 30-inch ( 76 cm ) model that was separately... Can return or exchange your tickets up until the posted showtime: a space.. 'Re more ferocious 60 ], the nature of the crew of crew.

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