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POLYURETHANE được dùng trong công nghiệp nặng với độ bóng cao và độ bền màu tối đa. We provide customers with a series of industrial paints, marine paints, floor coatings, as well as various technical services. Nippon Polyurethane Recoatable Finish High performance exterior paint with High perlormance LIV Resistance coating with superlative gloss and colour excellent alkaline and weathering resistance. 3-8-2, Shiba, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-8623 Japan Contact Form. It’s Tough Film Ensures No Scratches And Stains On The Wood. tor internal walls. 09-01. nippon u-marine finish (342kb) 09-03. nippon u-marine crew (197kb) 10) water-borne self-priming finish. Mô tả. Hi-Pon 50-01 là loại sơn có độ bền cao, bóng và có độ bền màu rất tốt. • Full Dry in 7 Days. While It Enhances The Elegant And Rich Look Of Natural Wood, It Also Protects Furniture For Longer Time Periods. The paint does not contain any heavy metals making it environmental friendly and is safe to use at homes. Slate Finish - Satin. PRODUCT INFORMATION : Product Reconciliations. Urethane paint was first created in the mid-1960s, utilizing the newly-developed plastics technology of that era, to be superior to enamel paint in terms of durability. 9000 Aluminium Wood Primer. These pu paints manufacturing companies are offering high quality products at low cost. NC Wood Lacquer. GENERIC TYPE: Two Component acrylic polyurethane finish paint with excellent durability and long term recoatability. It Also Has A Gloss And Matte Finish For Multiple Surfaces. approved or supplied by Nippon Paint may adversely affect the product performance and void product warranty whether expressed or implied. Nippon Paint Wood Magic Is A Highly Durable, One-pack Transparent Polyurethane-based Paint That Beautifies And Protects Wood Surfaces. This means that a PU paint may contain urethane, urea, allophanate and biuret linkages. Polyurethane Recoatable Finish (Soft Matt) Pylox Lazer. Ltd. 63, Market Street, #10-03 Bank of Singapore Centre Singapore 048942 Tel: +65 6226 5106 Fax: +65 6226 5215 E-mail: [email protected] URL: www.tosohasia.com. In additions, we also provides safe, low-solvent paints for all home-owners to add color to their lovely home. It also has the advantage of being a surface that can be applied over enamel if the enamel-painted surface is prepared first. Odourlite Gloss Finish. Find here huge list of pu paints, polyurethane paints manufacturers, pu paints suppliers and exporters. The above compositions were applied to electrogalvanized steel plates (subjected to coat type chromating) to a dry film thickness of 1 to 2 μm, followed by further application of Orgaselect 100 White (water-based melamine alkyd paint; Nippon Paint) to a dry film thickness of 25 to 30 μm, to give coated steel plates. SDS. 1 First Lok Yang Road Jurong Singapore 629728 Emergency Phone Number: (65) 6 265 5355 Fax Numbers: (65) 6 264 1603 2. While it enhances the elegant and rich look of natural wood, it also protects furniture for longer periods. … Nippon Polyurethane Recoatable Finish (Gloss) has been developed to provide a highly durable direct gloss and colour retention topcoat finish, incorporating an extensive range of performance characteristics. NIPPON U-MARINE CREW NIPPON A-MARINE CREW NIPPON O-MARINE CREW NIPPON E-MARINE CREW; Feature: A two-packed high build polyurethane finish paint with excellent weathering resistance and gloss retention: An acrylic based finish paint with good weathering resistance and workability for exposed areas like decks and superstructures 11-01. nippon z-marine 1000 qc s (331kb) 11-02. nippon z-marine 8000 m hb (330kb) 12) antifouling. Hi-Pon 50-01 Polyurethane Top Coat là loại sơn dầu 2 thành phần, gốc Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane, tạo màng sơn dày, với nhiều đặc tính vượt trội. Nippon Paint India Private Limited - Offering Matt Nippon Wood Magic Lead Free Polyurethane Paint, Packaging Type: Bucket in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Hydro-Primer. May 09, 2014 - Tokyo, Japan— Tosoh announced on September 30, 2013, that it would examine and prepare for a merger with Tosoh’s wholly owned subsidiary Nippon Polyurethane Industry Co., Ltd. (NPU) Today, Tosoh Corporation’s Board of Directors agreed at a board meeting to move forward on the merger with NPU. can be obtained from the present polyisocyanate curing agent, and can be applied to a broad range of materials such as metals, plastics, concrete, wood, etc. 9000 Gloss Finish. NIPPON POLYURETHANE RECOATABLE CLEAR FINISHING Page 1 of 4 JAN 08 VERSION NIPPON POLYURETHANE RECOATABLE CLEAR FINISHING Product Description: NIPPON POLYURETHANE RECOATABLE CLEAR FINISH has been developed to provide a highly durable direct gloss and colour retention topcoat finish, incorporating an extensive range of performance characteristics. We just recommend a light abrasion and degreasing prior to painting. It can also be used available in Gloss and Matt Finish. HI-PON 50-02 POLYURETHANE TOP COAT TECHNICAL DATA SHEET V e r s i o n 0 0 7 I s s u e d a t e : 3 1 / 10/ 15 Page 4 of 4 the product. Key Facts • Touch Dry in 2-4 Hours. Mục đích sử dụng sơn công nghiệp Nippon Hi-Pon 50-01 Polyurethane … Yet ship coatings of a darker hue absorb more heat, increase the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirement and, consequently, electrical load, resulting in higher fuel consumption and emissions.

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