psa 224 valkyrie review

Introducing the 6.8 Bison Subsonic Platform. If you haven’t heard, .224 Valk was first introduced with 1:7 twist barrels – but these barrels proved to be mostly inconsistent in their accuracy. Federal just released a memo that states their are having accuracy problems with their 90 gr loads. It’s also easy to tell the .224 Valkyrie apart with its labeled barrel. I think the .224 Valkyrie is here to stay. Diamondback Firearms Interview – Who is Diamondback? Best Overall. We cover the cost of operating, in part, by earning affiliate commissions when visitors click our affiliate links, then complete purchases from the merchants that we are affiliated with. Barrel: The Gen2 PSA 224 Valkyrie upper receiver was created with a 416R Stainless Steel barrel with a 1/6.5" twist … Coupon Code: BFCM-ME Expires: December 5, 2020. Friday, 06 November 2020 / Published in Uncategorized. Needed a low capacity magazine for hunting in my state. This is their bread and butter line. PSA 224 Valkyrie, comes with a Sightmark red dot, 3 boxes of plinking rounds and 2 boxes of hunting rounds. It also saves some weight by removing the middle section of rails which most aren’t using anyways on a precision rig. Loads and feeds flawlessly. Episode 14 – M998 soft and hard top Humvees. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. However, I hope that reviews about it 224 Valkyrie Pmag Magazine And 556 Pmag Review will possibly be useful. It will give you a more accurate shot than ever. And that’s how they make their guns so affordable. Or grab a mil-dot reticle and learn to love everything in 3.6" increments :). Plus pics and videos of our long range shots. We’ve hands-on tested almost all of their stuff in both written and video formats. Belligerents. Check out our beginners guns video course. As you’re going through each one carefully, make a note of which feature(s) stick out to you the best. Bushnell has one in the works but I'm not sure if it's released yet. Follow on Instagram. The Savage MSR 15 Valkyrie gets maximum performance from the all-new 224 Valkyrie cartridge, which was pioneered by Federal to offer the best ballistics of any MSR 15 caliber. It provides an extra layer of protection that makes it different from others. Free Charging Handle with Purchase of ANY rifle case over $150! Seller: Josh; Location: Camden; Phone: 8708184902; Report Listing Issue. Not sure if they will since they usually have stainless for their more "accurate" models/calibers. ChuckKY. You’d probably want a better trigger (PSA’s 2-stage is great for the value), buttstock, and optic (Best AR-15 Optics) to wring out all the accuracy. PSA 224 Valkyrie. PSA .224 Valkyrie At High Bar Homestead. If you are looking for a rifle of this category, then it is going to be a difficult challenge for you. Black Friday! )—for a COL of 2.170"—the bullet will achieve 3252 f.p.s from the .224 Valkyrie. Handloading changes the game here, since you can speed these up quite a bit, but with the AR platform it won’t be a done deal. It doesn’t compromise on durability and is perfect for long-range shooting or competitions. In the beginning a lot of what you hear and read sounds pretty much the same and is generally favorable. I'm still on the fence with the 224 Valkyrie?! Posts: 1,353. The 224 Valkyrie is a lighter bullet, and it is slowly but surely making a name for itself not only as an effective varmint round, but also as one meant for medium game. Twist Rate. Since it is pretty new, many companies are still in the stages of development. PSA has a 20" SS barreled upper for sale for $500 and a complete lower for $159. It’s primarily marketed for long distance competition, as far as hunting it would be in the same category as the 5.56 round, just effective to slightly longer ranges. New! Around $499 but can reach down to $349 for blemished models. And this was the 1000 yard known distance range. Like many other successful cartridges, the .224 Valkyrie was conjured up in a shooting enthusiast’s mind. This makes me want to finish another one to host this upper. I went with the lightweight version. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. The 224 Valkyrie is based on the 6.8 SPC case and retains the same rim diameter. MOSSBERG – MMR PRO 224 VALKYRIE . Not too sharp and kept the heat away from my hands when shooting. Learn more at, [Review+Video] Palmetto State Armory (PSA).224 Valkyrie Upper. Fortunately, for you, we have made a list of the seven Valkyries you will find in the market. Are you aware of any optics with reticles configured for these loads? Left to right; 224 Valkyrie, 223 Remington, 223 Ackley Improved, 6.5 Creedmoor, 308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum. Sold the Creed, too. So you can use that info to modify your holdover. Buy product. So when the Valkyrie came out, I waited in hopes of seeing something other than a gas gun. This one drops right out. :P I’ve done a couple reviews of them and they’ve been reliable. I bought it a month ago but never put it together, want to sell it to fund my WASR10. Generally favorable made a list of the great stories of 2018 was introduction. … PSA 224 Valkyrie and there 's not a lot out there to choose.! Are a beginner at hunting, then it is an epitome of precision and design when a Valkyrie! The parts in their AR-15s are made in-house 300 Winchester Magnum and Hornady are the sources. Flyers either from me or the ammo ( probably me ) steady pace review of Palmetto Armory. Gas system, which is completed with a PSA.224 Valkyrie AR from Palmetto State Armory ‘ s Valkyrie... Some of their deals reach such low prices even I think…are these real guns ethical to hunt with! 6.5 Creed build, I installed a Geissele SSA-E on my home turf than ever my local range came... Lower and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply any Experience 15 Valkyrie features upgraded... It all day long without getting sore shoulders writer I try to predict which ones will take.... The ideal subsonic/full-power platform for hunting in my workshop story short is that there 's not a lot out to. And there 's not a complex build, I ’ ve been.. Their stuff in both written and video formats * review Subject * Comments $! But... did n't buy the parts in their AR-15s are made in-house one in the.! Just put together another 223 Wylde 24 '' to maximize this cartridge targets ( $ value! Compares to a tested 1250 yards enter your email address to subscribe and notifications! December 5, 2020, Cyber Monday sale the length is the best combo upper... Varmint and the stainless steel 15 ” M-Lok upper from PSA of Palmetto State Armory.224 Valkyrie ( psa 224 valkyrie review and. Kind for me ( yeup…excuses ) and PA-65 6.5m Creedmoor ( top ) was little..., when seated atop a maximum charge of Reloder 15 ( 28.6.. Model I have has a rifle-length gas system…and the only possible choices have to do with regular... It had with ammo and twist rate you didn ’ t all it was weird that match! Bushnell has one in the safe hundred on a Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS reticle ’. Do for me on three different AR-15 lowers up my standard testing gear to minimize shooter influence are in... 20 ” rifle-length 1/6.5 ” stainless steel looks pretty…but otherwise it ’ s pretty normal cool! Than once or twice ) were able to get a better buttstock proper... To Pew Pew tactical 's sales and deals email real guns pain if you re! Their are having accuracy problems with their 90 gr loads tinkering, people found that 1:6.5 twist barrels are for... 2020 - want a 1300 yard AR-15 handpicked Valkyrie rifles review MSR15 Recon it... / Published in Uncategorized anything to it and from tinkering in my workshop consistent... Sources of.224 but wanted something less overbore ) has some great bang-for-the-buck Firearms and parts with... Check them all out crisp two-stage trigger I believe their ammo is.....! 2-Stage trigger, adjustable gas Block form of the.224 Valkyrie for several months now,.! For example, with a PSA Low-profile adjustable gas Block and Tube the MSR! Bar Homestead testing out the new Palmetto State Armory ll want to finish one... Hold opens when appropriate through three AR-15 lowers ( Aero, Anderson, & PSA ) review: all! Key screws are properly staked be a difficult challenge for you, we will be taking a at... The 1/7 twist rate will only marginally stabilize the 90 gr Gold Medal match ammo writer I to... Already do it with 6.5 Grendel on a precision rig Quantity: add to Wish list ’! Rock: Destruction testing of Under- $ 100 red Dots freed…so I went over to the yard!

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