There have been countless harbingers of spring these last few days. The trees are especially alive with blooms. Every branch is filled with multiple spring flowers.

When sweeping the floor there appeared a few petals in our house. Ah-ha, intruders of spring, I thought. They were a welcomed delight.

I remembered then, a few short months ago, finding a cricket in the house. He stopped chirping as I got close but he couldn’t keep himself silent if I waited. He was easily found and helped out doors. I remembered how the little fellow felt like an intruder, and at the time, my thoughts were not nearly as generous.

At times the Lord speaks to us that way, little intrusive thoughts. I remember when the Lord blesses me and I respond with a heart felt “thank you.” I remember, too, the chastisement of the Lord. Those “thanks yous” are always a little harder to voice. Quite often, those intrusive thoughts of the Lord, some would say “from the Lord,” are among the things that fill our lives with His glory and His goodness.

We are blessed to have those intrusions, whether they be flower petals or chirping crickets. We are especially blessed with the Lord’s gentle grace and the Lord’s reprimand as they become apparent.

A life in Him in the only life worth living.