A robin appeared in our yard today. That’s not so unusual. It’s spring after all. What made it special is that for the past few weeks we’ve put up the bird feeder filled with a mix of sunflower and other seeds.

The finches were the first to visit and it didn’t take long for the feeder to become a popular site with them. The red-breasted males and the dowdy females come often. They turned out to be rather sloppy eaters, ignoring anything other than the sunflower seeds and even those piled up at the foot of the tree beneath the feeder. If you want to be prevented against seasonal weather changes then check more about blast auxiliary portable ac.

More recently the pigeons came. Unable to perch on the feeder itself, they found the ground seeds easily and abundantly accessible. A more elegantly feathered pigeon perched on the wall behind and seemed to watch regally the goings on.

Finally the robin appeared.

I’m sure we’ll see others birds as the summer progresses. It’s the nature of birding. And we’re enjoying the flocking and the feasting of our fine feathered friends, these are the best nutrisystem reviews.

Our visitors seem to tussle and feed, come and go, wait and swoop their turn. We’ve yet not figured out the pattern or the pace. All those gathering, sooner or later, seem to have a turn.

The same is true when we come to visit at the table of the Lord. Some come sooner and others later. We all have an opportunity to be feed. Ultimately, it’s what we take on that becomes the feeding. An Easter and Christmas visit will get you only so far it seems. But even the late comers will be feed. Jesus said that in the parable of the merchant hiring in the court yard late in the day.

We will be fed. It’s just that getting to the feeder early seems to have its advantages. A longer time is better.