The plains of eastern New Mexico are marked by distances, vistas and long stretches of highway that seem endless on the horizon. The hills define where forever seems to begin and where a vastness and loneliness seem present.

We pray for rain in New Mexico, and when we are so blessed, the parched land changes into greenery that only a dry land can yield.

You get used to traveling these roads, even look forward to it. The miles are dotted with small abandoned hamlets that were once inhabited by farm families who’ve given up that way of life and escaped to New Mexico’s small towns which dot the landscape at even greater distances. The hamlets all bear Spanish names, Trujillo, Variadero, Corazon, Termentina, Conchas.

At the end of the day as you head down the road for home, you might think about the distances you’ve gone and the innumerable pictures and vistas in your mind. There is an appreciation for this gift – a God given gift. And as a Christian, you know the Lord’s protected your travel.

In seeing these vast stretches of good land, you can’t help but know how blessed we are. Blessed not in a patriotic sense so much, not even an economic sense but blessed – just blessed, blessed by God.

“Arise, walk through the length and the breadth of the land, for I will give it to you.” Genesis 13:17