Do these names mean anything to you: ELIAB, ABINADAB, SHIMEA, NETHANEL, RADDAI, and OZEM?

These were six prominent men, loved by their families and proudly displayed before the most revered of their society.

You will recognize of course, the name DAVID. He is listed in world history books as the second king of Israel.

The six were David’s older brothers. While David was protecting sheep, he was gaining confidence and skills unknown to his brothers. His brothers were paraded before God’s man, Samuel, anticipating that one of them would one day be king. The prophet has to ask if Dad has any more sons. (Oh yeaah-you don’t mean the kid out tending sheep, do you?) David is brought in almost as an after thought. Even after being declared king that day, David went back to shepherding.

As you go about your day, as simple or as complex as it might be (does anyone these days have a simple life?), remember that prominence isn’t always the issue. Your daily task, done after God’s own heart, makes all the difference.