Non-Christians seem to have a clear picture of how Christians should behave. We don’t need to tell them that our actions don’t measure up. “You hypocrites,” they say when Christians fail to meet their high standards, and we blush.

How do they know? Actually, we all know it is wrong to rape, murder, steal, lie, or insult God. He has implanted a conscience in every human being.

Moreover, dedicated people preach endless sermons on living the Christian life. There’s no way to say we lack information about what we should be doing.

Our problem seems to be the mistaken belief that we can “do the right thing” just by trying harder. The embarrassing truth is that our attention spans are too short, and we lack willpower.

Fortunately, Jesus knows about the human condition, and His helper is always with us. If we follow the Holy Spirit’s leadership, even non-Christians can see God in our lives.