Our current discussion is on the topic of “What does it mean to live a Christian life?”. If you’ve ever wanted to “take your life to the next level,” but you’re not really sure what that means, here’s your chance!

Some people have said that living a Christian life means that you should do some or all of the following:

* Imitate Christ.
* Live morally.
* Do good works.
* Don’t sin.
* Turn to God.
* Be “in Christ.” (Whatever that means.)
* Just pray and read, and let God take care of the rest.
* Love one another – so what does love involve?
* What exactly is it that you DO?

Which of the above answers does scripture support?
Are there other possible answers?

Hey, isn’t the Christian life about attitudes instead of action? (Well, we can talk about those, too.)

Unbelievers see Christians doing things that even non-Christians know are wrong, so they call Christians hypocrites. What keeps us from living “Christian” lives?

How can we encourage others – especially those we love – to live a Christian life?
Are there rewards for living a Christian life?
Are there any drawbacks?