Future Research

Future Barnabas Institute Research

Other areas of research that are currently under way or under consideration include the following:

Identify factors that enable people to live as effective Christians and to inspire and encourage other Christians.

Examine the processes by which individuals transform their lives after they have accepted Christ.

Find the points/areas where programs of the Barnabas Institute could encourage and support successful self-transformation.

Develop ways to form a “heart connection” – which is really an expression of Christian love – in small group settings which are formed to help individuals live a Christian life.

Conduct research on why people do NOT lead a Christian life. Develop materials that encourage individuals to live such a life and inspire them to encourage others.

Review public policies and activities of governmental agencies, schools, and other organizations, then report how they encourage or discourage Christian living.

Please contact us if you would like to suggest other research topics that the Institute should consider.

The results of Barnabas Institute research projects will be made available in the general press, as books or other Institute publications; through conferences, workshops, and a planned speaker series; and on this web site.