What We Do

What We Do – Barnabas Institute

The Barnabas Institute is the umbrella organization for the Center for Christian Community.  Founded in 2001 in San Rafael, CA and moved to New Mexico in 2004.   The mission of the Barnabas Institute is to support the Christian church community in Santa Fe, NM.

The Center for Christian Community has four programs:

The Center publishes a Christian online newsletter called On the Way with Barnabas.   The publication appears monthly 10 times a year.  Free subscriptions are available online at this website.

The Church Visitation Program calls on clergy and asks for prayer requests specific to their church needs.

The Santa Fe Prayer Net prays for a specific Santa Fe church each week.  The weekly pray requests  are disseminated to member churches and prayer groups.

The public is invited to Thursday Morning Prayer at 8:00 a.m.  Both personal and public concerns are the focus of prayer.

For more information call the Center for  Christian Community at (505) 438-0437 or (800) 459-3877.

Jose Vasquez