Do you ever wake up on Sunday morning, hit the alarm and resent having to get up on your day off? And have you ever noticed that when it comes to spiritual disciplines, (reading the Bible, spending time in prayer or going to church), that you drag your heals and make excuses but then when you do get around to it, it feels so great? Like a toddler who fusses about having to get into the bath and then enjoys it so much he doesn’t want to get out, we put off spending time with the creator of the universe and then are pleasantly surprised when he blesses us.

I have found this to be common among my Christian friends, but it’s a lesson I have had to learn over and over again. Although I’m a slow learner, God is working with me. He answers my prayers and has done amazing things in my life and yet my memory is short. He is always faithful and little by little I am learning to be faithful too. What a blessing!

What is the difference between regularly spending time with the loving God who created you and spiritual discipline? Nothing. So why does one sound so inviting and the other so odious? The difference is the mindset that we bring to the situation. The truth is, we all feel the burden of giving God a little of our time until we begin to experience the soothing warmth of his love, and soon the blessings far outweigh the cost. Lets get into the bath, enjoy the water and bathe again tomorrow and the next day and the next.