We were gone most of this spring. When we got home, it was well past planting season but I couldn’t resist. I dug up part of the yard and put seed down anyway.

The squirrels made off with the sunflower seed sprouts right away. Since then, I’ve been watching the corn come up. It has been fun watching sprouts push and break through the soil. The stalks and leaves came and have gotten to be a little more substantial.

My family has been amused at my attempt since the short growing season will not yield a lot of corn. But still, it’s been a lot of fun.

There was a time less than a century ago when most of us were farmers. I love to hear my parents talk about those days. We go back now and then to see the place, the ranch and farm where they were raised.

I know that I won’t get corn this year. Given the late start and the water situation, I’ve seriously considered digging it up. But it given me such pleasure I haven’t done it yet. God must be like that. He knows we’re not much fruit bearing; but our worship must delight him. That’s what he said to do after all.