We attended a political rally the other day. As far as I could tell, the rally brought out the faithful. If you didn’t care you didn’t bother. It was the equivalent of going to church in a religious sense. A lot more people will want to talk about politics. Some will even get out and vote.

Our spiritual research shows pretty much the same thing about people’s faith. One third of folks have an abiding interest in religious and spiritual matters. They want to talk about those concerns – but they are not interested in going to church.

The ones that show up are the committed. They get what they need there. Many more want something – but they do not want to have to be so committed that they show up at the rally (or church.)

We can offer some suggestions about how to get past the uncommitted stage:
– Prayer works
– So does reading God’s word, the Bible
– Talk about Him to your friends

You might then consider attending the rally.