I belong to a secret society. It’s so secret that the members are generally known only to one anther.

It’s not that the organization itself is unknown. It’s just that, well, to admit that you’re a member, these days, is to admit that you are not “politically correct.” Members sneak out of their homes on Sunday mornings for special meetings.

These people aren’t really troublemakers. They are responsible and hard working. They are all around you – in your schools, in your shops, in your government. You can trust them. And if you hang around them long enough, you’ll realize they’re truly different.

A famous physician who dealt with dying patients noticed that some patients and their families seemed to handle the crisis much better than most. When he talked to them about the source of that quiet strength, he realized they were different because they were members of the secret society. Their lives were committed to Christ.

Intrigued, he found out more. He started attending the Sunday meetings of the society, and was surprised to realize that he had become a Christian himself.

Part of the Barnabas Institute’s mission is to help members of the secret society go public with their secret.